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Hardware & Networking Course Syllabus

Module 01 Image

Introduction to Hardware and Networking

A. Definition of hardware and networking
B. Components of a computer system
C. Basic network concepts and terminology

Module 02 Image

Computer Hardware Fundamentals

A. Computer architecture and organization
B. CPU, motherboard, and memory
C. Input/output devices
D. Storage devices

Module 03 Image

Computer Networking Basics

A. Network topologies and protocols
B. Network devices
C. LAN, WAN, and Internet concepts
D. Network security and troubleshooting

Module 04 Image

Installing and Configuring Hardware and Networks

A. Installing and upgrading computer hardware components
B. Configuring a local network
C. Configuring Internet connectivity
D. Troubleshooting hardware and network issues

Module 05 Image

Network Administration and Managements

A. Managing user accounts and permissions
B. Network backup and recovery
C. Network performance monitoring and optimization
D. Network security and data protection

Module 06 Image

Emerging Technologies in Hardware and Networking

A. Cloud computing
B. Internet of Things (IoT)
C. Virtualization and software-defined networking
D. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Who Is This Course For?

As businesses and organizations increasingly rely on technology to operate, the demand for professionals with hardware and networking skills is on the rise. Possessing these skills can lead to higher earning potential and greater career opportunities.

Professionals in the IT industry

Hardware and networking skills are a must-have for professionals working in the IT industry, including network administrators, systems engineers, and IT support specialists. These professionals must be able to understand and maintain the computer systems and networks that support their organizations.

Individuals seeking a career change

Individuals looking to make a career change can benefit from learning hardware and networking skills. These skills are in high demand, and there are many job opportunities available in this field. Additionally, individuals can enhance their current skills and make themselves more marketable to potential employers.

Non-IT / IT Students

Students who aspire to work in the technology industry can benefit greatly from learning hardware and networking skills. By developing a strong foundation in these areas, they can stand out to employers and increase their chances of landing a job in the industry.

Those interested in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a growing concern in today's digital age, and hardware and networking skills are essential for anyone interested in this field. Understanding the hardware and networking components of computer systems is crucial to identifying potential security threats and protecting against cyber attacks

Entrepreneurs and small business owners

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can benefit from learning hardware and networking skills to ensure that their computer systems and networks are operating smoothly. They can save money on IT services by handling basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks themselves.

Anyone interested in technology

Anyone with an interest in technology can benefit from learning hardware and networking skills. These skills are essential in today's digital world, and having a basic understanding of them can help individuals navigate technology with confidence and ease.

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Best place for learning new courses apart from the college, had a great experience with Raj sir and team
Supriya Luther
Supriya Luther
I got trained by Raj Kiran for my IELTS general and he has been one of the best trainer with vast knowledge and skills to understand each individual’s requirement and train them accordingly to achieve their goals. He is very helpful and the institute helped me with all the study materials and guidance needed for my course. Thank you very much for the wonderful work. Keep it up! Supriya
It was a great experience with SET lnstitute, for all the encouragement,support, kindness, patience, understanding & giving good advice all the time,and iam great full to have good teaching faculties.
Vinayak Lokapur
Vinayak Lokapur
One of the best training institute for Digital marketing course with friendly staff, healthy environment, and individual care. I'm sure other courses are amazing too since it is one of the best learning platform available in the city.
Pratheek D C
Pratheek D C
Good digital marketing course
Dhiraj Pattar
Dhiraj Pattar
I had taken digital marketing course, trust me it was my best decision

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