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Interior Designing Course Syllabus

Module 01 Image


1-Introduction to AutoCAD & user interface.
2-AutoCAD Navigation Tools, Understanding Co-ordinate system.
3-basic Set up, Classic mode, Limits and Units.
4-Making Lines Arcs & Circles.

Module 02 Image


1-Tracing Commands, Snapping tool.
2-Modification Commands.
3-Object selection Methods.
4-Dynamic modes Exercises.

Module 03 Image


1-Layers & its application
2-Design Centre
3-Plan Drawing
4-Text & Dimensions

Module 04 Image


1-Elevation drawing with DC.
2-Section Drawing.
3-Site plan Drawing.
4-Page setup &printing.
5-Introduction to 3d.

Module 05 Image


1-The Revit interfaces.
2-The Revit workflow.
3- The view windows.
4-Modify setting.
5-The project browser.
6-Using Revit template files.

Module 06 Image


1-Placing walls.
2- Creating plans.
3- Using reference planes.
4-Adding interior walls.
5-Adding wall joins .
6-Dimensions and annotating.
7-Placing doors and windows.

Module 07 Image


1-Creating views.
2-Creating levels.
3-Placing a floor slabs.
4-Creating roofs .
5-Creating structural items.
6-Adding a building section.
7-Creating an elevations.

Module 08 Image


1-Creating ceilings and interiors.
2-Adding light and fixtures.
3- Adding casework and furniture.
4-Creating sheets.
5-Creating colour scheme and area plans.
6-Detailing and rendering.
7-Massing and site.

Module 09 Image


1- Understanding the interface.
2- The viewports.
3- Getting to know the command panel.
4-Introducing 3dsmax objects.
5-Working with objects .
6-Understanding the perspective viewing tools.

Module 10 Image


1-Creating shapes.
2-Editing meshes and creating complex objects.
3- Editing splines.
4-Drawing using splines .

Module 11 Image


1-Working with external data.
2-Working AEC objects .
3- Creating plans.
4- Creating 3d interior.

Module 12 Image


1-Creating elevations .
2- Lights and shadows.
3- Shading and texturing.
4-Setting up layers.
5-Lofing an objects .
6-Placing railings.

Module 13 Image


1-Setting up the template.
2-Understanding the layout.
3- Understanding the toolbar.
4-Setting units .
5- Understanding interface.
6-Understanding 3d navigation.

Module 14 Image


1-Understanding toolbars.
2-Drawing toolbars.
3-Manipulating commands.
4-3d navigation.
5-Creating of basic shapes.

Module 15 Image


1-The basic of creating grouping,hiding and components.
2-Creating of plans and 3d interior.
3-Placing of furniture.
4-Applying of materials.
5-Rendering interior.

Module 16 Image


1-Creating elevations.
2-Modifying objects.
3-Adding text.
4-Creating elevations.
5-Using layers andRendering.

Module 17 Image


1-Advance vray rendering settings.
2-Understanding all vray lights and examples.
3- Understanding interior and exterior vray settings.
4-Final rendering setting.

Module 18 image


1-Intro to Lumion course.
2-Single model creation in Lumion.
3-Taking Lumion to the next level.
5-Interface of Lumion.
6-Understand different methods of bringing models into Lumion from SketchUp.
7-Create and render scenes.
8-Adding grass to your model.

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